Accident leaves girl in critical condition

Auto Accidents
Accident leaves girl in critical condition

Accident leaves girl in critical condition

Cook County residents may have heard of a four-vehicle accident in Indiana that left one young girl in critical condition. The accident reportedly occurred when a single vehicle rear-ended another vehicle at a stop light at the intersection of Illinois Road and Magnavox Way. Three vehicles in total were involved in the collision. The police stated that the vehicle that rear-ended the others had failed to slow and stop for the light.

According to the reports, the occupants of two of the vehicles did not sustain injuries during the car accident. However, one of the vehicles contained a woman and a girl, both of whom were injured. The young girl was in serious condition immediately after the crash, but was later reclassified as being in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle that rear-ended the other vehicles was also taken to the hospital for treatment and may have been injured.

The police stated that intoxication was not believed to be involved in the crash. However, they were still investigating the possible causes of the collision. Several of the eastbound lanes on Illinois Rd. were closed by the Fatal Alcohol Crash Team for investigation and reopened after nearly four hours.

The woman injured in the crash and the young girl’s family may choose to pursue damages from the driver who failed to stop in order to obtain sums for medical costs, lost wages and associated expenses due to the accident. A personal injury attorney may be able to help the family of the victims to recover compensation for their injuries. The drivers of the three involved vehicles may also decide to seek reimbursement for the physical damages to the vehicles.

Source: News Sentinel, “Girl in critical condition after four-vehicle accident“, June 30, 2013





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