Arlington Heights bicyclist critical after car accident

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Arlington Heights bicyclist critical after car accident

Arlington Heights bicyclist critical after car accident

A recent bicycle accident in Arlington Heights caused critical injuries to the rider, news reports indicate. Police are investigating the accident, but few details are available currently, leaving several questions about how the car collided with the man.

The accident took place the afternoon of Dec. 19. According to police, a male bicyclist was crossing Golf Road when a car traveling eastbound struck him. The cyclist, who is referred to in news reports as “elderly,” suffered multiple injuries in the collision. He was listed in critical condition as of Dec. 19.

Investigators, including an accident reconstructionist, likely have several questions they will seek to answer. For example, they will probably try to determine whether the driver of the car was speeding and which party had the right of way. Distracted driving, or the use of a cellphone or other object that splits focus from the road, causes several car accidents each year, so that will likely also be a subject for inquiry. Give the time of day, around 4:30 p.m., it was probably starting to become dark, which could also have been a factor.

So far, police are saying that drugs or alcohol were not factors in the incident. They are also hoping a witness will come forward to provide his or her version of what happened.

Because of the difference in size and power between the vehicles, a collision between a motor vehicle and a bicycle frequently causes serious injuries to the bike rider, even when he or she is wearing a helmet.

Source: Chicago Daily Herald, “Elderly Arlington Hts. bike rider hit by car, in critical condition,” Dec. 19, 2012





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