Attorneys recommend picking a divorce lawyer carefully

Attorneys recommend picking a divorce lawyer carefully

Attorneys recommend picking a divorce lawyer carefully

Attorneys who handle divorce matters have six pieces of advice for couples considering a divorce regarding the selection of a divorce attorney. Any Illinois resident considering divorce should look for a divorce attorney early, so that there is no element of surprise when the papers are filed. Also, this step will help the parties avoid time constraints when selecting a lawyer and potentially selecting the wrong one.

Another piece of advice is that couples reach out to outside help, such as other attorneys or financial advisors or therapists, when selecting a divorce attorneys. This is helpful to gain an outside perspective on the selection process.

It is also recommended that divorcing couples select an attorney who handles divorce matters, as well as that they ask themselves and the attorney questions to determine if they made the right choice. The final piece of advice the attorneys provide is for the spouses to trust their basic instinct.

Divorces create a great deal of legal issues for couples to deal with. First, there are the issues of property division between the spouses and alimony payments. Generally, courts will work toward an equitable solution between the parties, meaning that they will require a fair distribution of the property. Property that is jointly owned between the spouses will be divided, while individually owned property will be given to the individual spouses. Courts will look at factors such as the education and income levels of the spouses when deciding the appropriate level of alimony payments.

Also, there is the issue of child support and/or child custody. In deciding the placement of a child, courts will consider what is in the best interest of the child, and may terminate a parent’s visitation rights if the court concludes that the parent is unfit. Courts will consider the costs of transportation, schooling, etc. in deciding the amount of child support.

Couples considering a divorce have the legal option to work out an agreement concerning factors such as alimony payments, property division, and child support and/or custody. While doing so may be difficult, it will make the pain and turmoil of the divorce easier for all involved. Couples considering a divorce have the legal ability to make the process as easy as possible.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Don’t get stuck with the wrong lawyer: 6 steps to avoid the most common divorce mistake,” Carla Schiff Donnelly, Sept. 30, 2013.





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