Author recommends divorcing couples “take the high road”

Author recommends divorcing couples “take the high road”

Author recommends divorcing couples “take the high road”

An author writing about divorce issues has recently come out with a series of 15 recommendations for divorcing couples that may make the divorce easier on all involved. The author recommends taking the “high road” regarding the divorce and all issues stemming from it, and to avoid any actions motivated by resentment or a desire for revenge against the other spouse. The recommendations include switching visitation nights for the children if the need arises, and acting friendly towards the ex-spouse and his or her new significant other. While these steps may be hard for many, they will help ease any acrimony left over from the divorce. The author describes any conflict as unproductive and wasteful, and recommends that the parties treat each other and their new significant others with respect and civility.

Divorce is often a bitter, nasty process for all the parties involved. The issues involved include the distribution of property and the payment of alimony. In deciding these issues, courts will typically look for an equitable, or fair, division of the property between the spouses. Typically, any property that the spouses own themselves will be left to them, but the courts will divide any jointly owned property between the spouses in a way they deem equitable. Also, courts will look to factors such as the income and educational level of the spouses in determining an equitable amount of alimony to be paid.

There is also the issue of any children from the marriage. In a divorce, parties must work out the issues of visitation, custody, and child support payments. In all divorce cases involving children, courts will look to the best interest of the child in making decisions regarding these matters. Parents who the court believes do not adequately provide for the children’s needs may lose parental custody.

Parties in a divorce matter have the option to create plans for alimony and child support payments, as well as child visitation and custody plans and plans for the division of the marital property. While any communication may be difficult due to the acrimony of the divorce, it is infinitely preferable to any conflict over these issues. Parties in a divorce have the option to make the process as easy as possible.

Source: Huffington Post, “Want an easier divorce? 15 ways to take the high road!” Jackie Pilossoph, August 30, 2013.





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