Bill that battles domestic violence passes Illinois House

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Bill that battles domestic violence passes Illinois House

Bill that battles domestic violence passes Illinois House

Domestic violence is a subject of great concern in Illinois as elsewhere in the country. Its occurrence can affect the outcome of child-custody cases and other family disputes. Recent statistics show its prevalence: Over the course of their lifetime, approximately 1 in 4 women will experience some form of domestic violence.

Because domestic violence is so prevalent, law enforcement officers, government agencies and legislative personnel are doing what they can to protect Illinois residents from this particular family law concern. A state representative from Oswego recently proposed new legislation that would safeguard families from domestic violence by requiring those charged with the offense to wear GPS tracking devices. The devices will help authorities fight domestic abuse and gather information about alleged attackers.

The state representative created the bill after learning that people accused of domestic violence often cause additional harm to their victims after being released from police custody. Currently, a judge can only require a person to wear a GPS tracking device if he or she violates a restraining order. The new house bill will grant judges the authority to mandate GPS tracking of those charged with domestic battery or kidnapping-related crimes even if the suspects do not violate orders of protection.

The bill’s sponsor noted that the new requirement could help continuously protect both males and females from the various kinds of violence that are seen in Illinois every year.

If it is passed by the state senate, this legislation could provide more protection to victims and their children. It may also empower them to stand up against spousal and sexual abuse and any other type of violence inflicted by another family member.

Any family law issue takes a toll on the parties involved. However, there are legal options available that can guide victims of domestic abuse in protecting their own and their families’ interests.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Kifowit-Sponsored Legislation to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence Passes House,” April 11, 2014





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