Denied Visitation? Exercising Your Parental Rights

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Denied Visitation? Exercising Your Parental Rights

As a parent, you have the right to visit and spend time with your child regardless of the relationship status between parents. In many cases, parents avoid going through the…

Is a Child Able to Decide Which Parent They Want to Live With in a Child Custody Case?

Many parents who are facing divorce believe that the issue of whom their children will live with is a matter for their older children to decide on their own, but…

Tips on Successfully Co-Parenting

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is the matter of your parenting arrangements and coming to terms with the reality of sharing parenting time, which means that your…

How Does Illinois Determine if Someone is an Unfit Parent?

Claiming that someone is an unfit parent isn’t to be taken lightly, and the court carefully investigates these claims. In order to prove that someone is an unfit parent, the…

Can Children Choose Which Parent They Want to Live With After a Divorce?

Explaining divorce to your children can be a difficult and emotional process. They may have questions about what a divorce means for their living situation and which parent they will…

What Are a Mother’s Rights after Divorce?

If you are a mother who is facing a divorce, it is only natural to wonder what your rights are as a parent. Further, many fathers believe that mothers are…

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