Handling a narcissistic ex-spouse when it comes to child support

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Handling a narcissistic ex-spouse when it comes to child support

Any marriage works best when a couple's personalities are complementary or compatible in some other way. Unfortunately, some spouses think so highly of themselves that they may be considered narcissists.…

Beyonce’s father accused of failure to pay child support

Matthew Knowles, the father of entertainer Beyonce, was recently accused of failing to pay court-ordered support to his former mistress on behalf of their 2-year-old son. The boy's mother claimed…

Tips for solving child support issues

Most child support issues in divorce cases happen after one parent is awarded sole custody of a child, and the other parent is ordered to pay support. The usual problem…

Mother uses outside collections agency to get child support

Many parents in the Chicago area depend on child support in order to cover the many expenses that come with caring for their child. However, one mother from St. Charles,…

Producer Timbaland’s wife asks for child support in divorce

When couples in Illinois divorce, issues surrounding child support may take center stage. During these times, cooperation can be the key to a successful outcome. Rapper and producer Timbaland and…

Illinois governor signs bill addressing unpaid child support

Many times the issue of child support becomes contentious, particularly if the paying parent is not meeting their child support obligations. However, there are serious consequences for the failure to…

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