Recent case sheds light on Illinois prenuptial agreements


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Recent case sheds light on Illinois prenuptial agreements

At the end of a marriage, a couple must sort their assets into marital and non-marital property, and divide the marital property in a way that meets Illinois' courts standards…

Preventing a traumatic divorce through professional help

Some divorce proceedings are smooth and end in good relations between the ex-partners. However, some divorces are so traumatic that they leave behind only anger and pain. That type of…

Relationship patterns that may lead to a divorce

Symptoms help in identifying a disease from which a person might be suffering and probing questions enable the medical practitioner to get to the root cause of the ailment in…

Divorce: Causes, types and planning

Many people hold that January is the beginning of "Divorce Season." For couples in Illinois and the rest of the country, the New Year seems to be a popular time…

Tv star Dylan Walsh loses half his fortune in divorce

As many Chicago-area fans know, Actor Dylan Walsh may have played a plastic surgeon on television's "Nip/Tuck," but what they do not know is that his bank account has gone…

Study shows that recession affects divorce rate

Divorce rates in Illinois and throughout the U.S. have been decreasing for several years. One of the reasons for the decrease is the recession. The study, which was conducted in…

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