Do I Need to Hire an Attorney to Get a Divorce?


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Do I Need to Hire an Attorney to Get a Divorce?

Divorce is often a mutual decision. Both sides realize that the marriage is no longer working for either of them, and they just want to bring things to a conclusion…

How to Overcome Divorce Shame 

Divorce is a traumatic experience for everyone involved. Even when both sides acknowledge that the marriage was clearly failing, it is common for one or both parties to feel a…

What is Considered Electronic Snooping in Divorce?

Divorce in Illinois is often the result of a loss of trust between spouses. This loss of trust often causes one (or both) spouses to suspect the other of wrongdoing,…

The Pros of Mediation in High Net Worth Divorce

For high-income and high-asset couples, divorce can be especially complex. You may be considering mediation as an option. In Illinois (710 ILCS 35/1), mediation is a form of alternative dispute…

How Does Owning Cryptocurrency Affect Divorce?

Cryptocurrency has become a major financial asset. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the total value of global cryptocurrency now exceeds $1 trillion. You may be wondering: What role will cryptocurrency…

Your Guide to Listing Debts and Assets in a Divorce

Are you preparing for a divorce in Illinois? If so, you likely have a lot of questions about the separation of property and debts. One of the most important steps…

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