It is now legal for same-sex couples to get married in Illinois

Same-Sex Partners

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It is now legal for same-sex couples to get married in Illinois

In the past, same-sex couples in Illinois could only enter into a domestic partnership agreement. Now, same-sex marriage has been legalized in the state -- a victory for lesbians, gays,…

Court allows gay marriage ban lawsuit to proceed

When it comes to marriage, soon-to-be spouses might deal with various issues. Same-sex couples have dealt with various changes in policies and laws that have seriously affected the ease and…

Legal obstacles remain for same-sex couples in Illinois

Same-sex couples in Illinois are currently in a legal gray area. Since 2010, the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act has allowed same-sex couples to enter into civil…

Illinois same-sex marriage bill appears stuck in House

Many Chicago residents were paying attention recently when the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases involving same-sex marriage. Many watchers considered the high court's hearings to be…

Legislation approved to allow same-sex marriages in Illinois

The Illinois State Senate recently approved legislation allowing same-sex marriages in the state. The matter has now been passed to the Illinois House of Representatives for consideration. The state of…

Same-sex couples can cheer about proposed legislation

Illinois residents may be aware of the new legislation that seeks to bestow marital rights on couples who were considered domestic partners until now. Illinois has joined the group of…

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