Commercial Vehicles and Spilled Cargo

Wrongful Death

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Commercial Vehicles and Spilled Cargo

Late last year, a collision between a box truck and a semi-truck in South Bend caused most of the westbound lanes of the Indiana Toll Road to close down after…

Illinois May Change Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations

Like every state, Illinois allows family members to pursue wrongful death lawsuits if their loved ones were killed by another person. The circumstances around that death may have been an…

Wrongful Death Suits

There are few things as difficult, both emotionally and logistically, as losing a loved one. Family members are often faced with a number of tasks to take care of, as…

Who is covered by wrongful death in Illinois?

Illinois residents may benefit from learning more about the statutes governing wrongful death cases in the state. This legislation grants surviving spouses and immediate relatives the right to see restitution…

Wrong-way driver kills two nuns in Illinois

An 81-year-old Illinois man sped through a red light and crashed into oncoming traffic, killing two nuns and himself on Oct. 5. Eleven vehicles were involved in the accident, and…

Accident victim dies after three weeks in hospital

A 26-year-old woman died in an Illinois hospital about three weeks after she was struck by a cab in Chicago's North Side. An autopsy indicated that she died from complications…

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