Chicago man awarded $15.5 million after wife dies in childbirth

Wrongful Death
Chicago man awarded $15.5 million after wife dies in childbirth

Chicago man awarded $15.5 million after wife dies in childbirth

A father, whose wife died during the cesarean section delivery of his second son, has been awarded $15.5 million following a verdict against two doctors and the hospital that attended to the child’s birth. According to the Jury Verdict Reporter, the award was the third largest for a medical malpractice wrongful death case in Cook County history.

The death occurred in February 2008 while the 33-year-old mother was delivering her second child at the University of Chicago’s MacNeal Hospital. One of the doctors who attended the delivery also delivered her first child. The jury found that the woman died from excessive bleeding due to the doctors’ failure to diagnose and properly treat her for placenta accreta, a high-risk complication.

In a written response to the verdict, the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences said that, while they sympathized with the family, they did not agree with the verdict. They are reviewing their options, according to their written statement.

The loved ones of a young mother who dies during childbirth will be forced to deal with the shock and emotional discordance of the tragic event at what is usually a joyous family time. They may be forced to address complex financial and legal matters related to the death, and may incur additional medical and emergency care costs and expenses related to the event.

The loved ones and dependents of someone who dies due to medical malpractice may have a legal cause of action for wrongful death. A personal injury attorney could initiate and pursue a civil claim to recover fair and adequate compensation for the support that the deceased could have provided had they lived.

Source: WLS-TV, “Man wins $15.5M after wife’s childbirth death“, November 22, 2013





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