Arlington Heights Divorce Law Firm

Arlington Heights Divorce Law Firm

Arlington Heights Divorce Law Firm

When you decide to end your marriage, there are a lot of topics that must be resolved. The decision to get a divorce involves more than just wanting to end your marriage. In order to finalize a divorce in Illinois, you must finalize all outstanding issues, which may include everything from property division to child support. While the process of divorce does not have to be contentious, many times it is. This is why you need to retain an experienced Arlington Heights divorce law firm.

Working with a skilled divorce attorney can help speed your Illinois divorce along and save you money in legal fees.

At SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, we have years of experience working with Arlington Heights residents who need assistance with a variety of family law issues, including divorce. Some clients come to us wanting to proceed with a “no-fault” divorce, where both spouses have already agreed on all outstanding items. In other cases, it may be necessary to go before a judge in order to resolve these same issues. No matter which route you plan to go, our Arlington Heights divorce law firm is here to help. Our primary goal is to work toward achieving the best possible outcome for your individual situation.  

Common Issues Encountered in Arlington Heights Divorces

There are a number of issues that most couples encounter during a divorce. When it comes to dividing marital property, the court will split everything in a manner known as “equitable distribution.” In marriages with unique or rare assets or a business, residences in different states, or stock options, the process can be more difficult. 

If one spouse wants alimony or spousal support, it can also bring challenges as this is typically one of the most hotly contested topics. Courts will look at whether there is justification to award spousal support in the first place before deciding on an amount. Not every marriage will result in an award for spousal support. 

When there are children involved, the court will listen to the parents’ wishes, and maybe those of the children depending on their age. However, the family court judge’s ultimate goal is to decide what is best for the child. This might be something different than what either parent wanted. When it comes to child support, Illinois has mandated guidelines that they will follow in the event that you cannot reach an agreement with your ex on your own. 

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If your marriage has broken down beyond any chance of reconciliation, do not face the challenges of the Illinois court system alone. Let a professional and experienced Arlington Heights divorce law firm help. Contact SAM LAW OFFICE LLC today to schedule an initial consultation. Let us represent you in your Illinois divorce and work toward achieving a favorable outcome for you and your family.

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