Barrington Child Custody Lawyers

Barrington Child Custody Lawyers

Barrington Child Custody Lawyers

It is safe to say that most parents can agree that they want what is best for their children, even if the parents are engaged in a bitter divorce. However, determining what is best for the children usually creates the biggest hurdle. Understandably, each parent wants their children to remain with them. That does not mean it is what is best for your children, though. If you and your ex are unable to reach an agreement on child custody and visitation, we recommend speaking with our Barrington child custody lawyers.

At SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, you can meet with one of our experienced family law attorneys who understands how challenging a child custody dispute can be. We also recognize how sensitive these situations are and why it is best to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. A lengthy custody battle benefits no one, especially your children. No matter how much you try to shield them from your custody battle, it can still affect them. That is why it is best to resolve our legal issues as quickly as possible. You also deserve to move on with your life, but you should always have someone representing you who can protect your rights.

Our goal is to resolve your child custody matter with the least amount of disruption possible. The ideal outcome is the one that benefits both your children and you.

How Illinois Courts Decide Child Custody

As you move through your divorce process, you will realize that the Illinois courts call child custody and visitation by other terms. Changes to Illinois law have altered the terminology. Child custody is referred to as the allocation of parenting time, while visitation is referred to as parenting time. With the revised system, a family court judge will look at which parent is responsible for making important decisions. They will also look at where the children will spend time and how to allocate parenting time. The law favors agreements that allow both parents to be involved in the process.

The courts may ask what your personal preference is, but that does not mean they will factor it into their decision. That’s because their main priority is determining what is in the best interests of your children. A judge could end up drafting an agreement that neither parent likes. We highly recommend letting us negotiate an agreement rather than leaving it up to the court to decide.

If the family court does decide, judges understand that no scenario will work for every family. That is the reason why they look at numerous factors before issuing their order. Some of the most critical factors a family court can consider include:

  • The overall physical, emotional, and mental health of each parent;
  • What decisions each parent has previously made, including whether they refused to vaccinate or kept the children out of school for religious reasons;
  • How well-adjusted your child is in their current living situation, which includes the relationship they have with their siblings and both parents; and
  • Whether either parent has any criminal convictions, such as domestic abuse checks, or the parent is a registered sex offender.

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