Barrington Complex Property Division Divorce Attorneys

Barrington Complex Property Division Divorce Attorneys

Barrington Complex Property Division Divorce Attorneys

Dividing marital property in an Illinois divorce proceeding is one of the most basic functions of the court – and the function that can have the most profound impact on your financial stability and security following your divorce. A Barrington divorce court is not required to divide marital property equally, but it must divide marital property in a “fair and equitable” manner. This becomes a challenge, however, when the marital estate consists of nontraditional and/or non-tangible “property.”

Proper division of the marital estate can be assured by retaining an experienced and knowledgeable Barrington property division law firm such as SAM LAW OFFICE LLC. Contact our firm for help today.

Tasks Involved in Complex Property Division in Barrington

SAM LAW OFFICE LLC possesses the skills and background necessary to assist you throughout your divorce, especially when you have assets that can be difficult to divide in a fair and equitable manner such as:

  • Antiques or one-of-a-kind assets;
  • A business or business interest;
  • Other intangible and/or valuable assets and property.

SAM LAW OFFICE LLC works to ensure you are not disadvantaged by the court’s order dividing marital property by striving to:

  • Accurately determine what is marital property – and what is not: Only those items, assets, and pieces of property that meet the definition of “marital property” are to be divided by the court. Where an item of property does not meet this definition, it belongs to one spouse or the other and is not to be considered in dividing the remainder of the marital estate.
  • Fairly value the property comprising the marital estate: While certain items of property may be more difficult to value than others, it is nonetheless important that all assets – including businesses, intangible property, and other marital property – be properly valued according to accepted standards and practices. Valuing items too high in a complex property division will primarily benefit your spouse, whereas valuing property too low deprives the two of you of a truly fair division of your assets.
  • Help you keep certain items in your possession: For certain valuable items of property (such as one’s business), SAM LAW OFFICE LLC can help you retain these items during the division so that you are not required to needlessly sell valuable assets or share them with your spouse. By agreeing to part with other items of property or assets that are not as significant to you, you may be able to retain control of those assets that truly matter to you.

Call Your Barrington Property Division Law Firm Today

Legal counsel can make the most difference in your Illinois divorce early on, before the court has begun considering entering final orders concerning property division. Where you have one or more valuable or unique assets that you wish to protect, contact SAM LAW OFFICE LLC right away. We can assist you in protecting your rights as well as your property throughout the divorce process. Contact SAM LAW OFFICE LLC today at (847) 255-9925.

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