Chicago Bike Accident Attorney

Chicago Bike Accident Attorney

A Chicago Bike Accident Attorney That Understands Your Injuries

When a bicyclist is hit by a car or truck, he or she can sustain serious injuries requiring emergency medical attention and a long recovery. The likelihood that the bike rider will suffer a permanent disability is high, and fatalities are tragically common. A head injury or spinal cord injury can mean years of extraordinary expenses and hardships for the injured person as well as his or her family members. The potential for a dispute over fault makes it essential for the victim and his or her family to work with a skilled, determined personal injury lawyer such as Susan A. Marks.

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Get the legal counsel you need now. At SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, your case will receive the prompt personal attention it deserves. You will work closely with a Chicago bicycle accident lawyer who has extensive medical knowledge and a track record of success earning large recoveries through negotiation and at trial.

Negligent motorists cause a very high percentage of auto-bike collisions on city and suburban streets, college campuses and elsewhere in the Cook County area. Although it is common for a driver to claim a bicyclist “came out of nowhere” and was “impossible to see,” skilled investigators and accident reconstruction experts are often able to establish otherwise.

Bike Accident Lawyer Serving the Greater Chicago Area — Working Relentlessly on Your Behalf · Demanding Full, Fair Compensation

Led by skilled Chicago bicycle accident lawyer Susan A. Marks, we will put optimum resources to work on your case and aggressively target every dollar of compensation available to help you recover financially after a serious bike accident.

Ms. Marks can represent you after a tragic wrongful death of a family member in an Illinois bike accident. Financial compensation can help you cope with serious injuries and their life-changing consequences. Common injuries in serious bicycle accidents include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis, and multiple fractures and joint injuries.

A catastrophic or serious injury will bring many expenses along with pain and suffering. It is also likely to change the quality of your life long term. You may need extensive therapy, including physical therapy and occupational therapy. You may require residence in a rehabilitation facility or treatment as an outpatient, with all the expenses and challenges that go along with wheelchair transportation.

You need a strong, resourceful lawyer on your side who will be tenacious in proving the real cause of your accident and in standing up to an insurance company that refuses to pay all you are entitled to receive. The bicycle accident injury that has changed your life dramatically or irreparably may well be due to drunk driving, distracted driving or another form of recklessness. Fast action to put a determined attorney to work for you could be critical for preserving evidence and protecting your case.

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At our respected Rolling Meadows personal injury law firm, we will make asserting your rights and interests our clear mission, starting with a free case evaluation.

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