Child Custody Attorney Near Me

Child Custody Attorney Near Me

Child Custody Attorney Near Me

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is allocating parental responsibility and parenting time. While courts are ordered to make these determinations based on an analysis of what is in the best interests of the child, the parents are usually in the best position to make this decision. Unfortunately, some families are unable to come to an agreement outside of court, whether due to a lack of legal advice or to conflict. Having the advice of a family law attorney can make all the difference in these types of cases, so if you are considering a divorce and have children, it is important to speak to an experienced Rolling Meadows child custody attorney who can advocate for you and your child.

Parental Responsibility

Aside from determining how often a parent will have access to his or her child after the divorce, courts must also divide parental responsibility, which refers to decision-making authority over important issues, such as:

  • Living arrangements;
  • Education;
  • Health care needs;
  • Extracurricular activities;
  • Religion;
  • Household rules;
  • Discipline; and
  • Emergencies.

While courts are often forced to divvy up these responsibilities as they see fit, parents who come to an out-of-court agreement may be able to dictate the terms of their parenting agreement themselves through mediation, collaboration, or negotiation.

Drafting a Parenting Plan

In order to be approved, a parenting plan must contain specific information, including:

  • How decision-making responsibilities will be allocated;
  • A schedule that designates where a child will reside on certain days or a formula for determining this type of schedule;
  • A mediation provision addressing any proposed reallocation of parenting time or parental responsibilities;
  • Each parent’s right to access a child’s medical records as well as school and extracurricular records and reports;
  • A designation of the parent who will retain the majority of parenting time;
  • The child’s residential address;
  • Each parent’s address, phone number, place of work, and employment address and phone number;
  • A requirement that a parent who wishes to move must provide written notice to the other parent containing the intended relocation date and the address of the new residence at least 60 days in advance;
  • A requirement that each parent notify the other of emergencies, travel plans, health care problems, or other significant child-related issues;
  • How the child will be transported to each parent’s residence between visits; and
  • Directions on how to make modifications to the plan at a later date.

Before a parenting plan can go into effect, a family court must first ensure that it meets all of the statutory requirements and is in the best interests of the child.

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