Child Custody Attorneys in Schaumburg

Child Custody Attorneys in Schaumburg

Child Custody Attorneys in Schaumburg

Child custody cases are often the byproduct of divorce, but child custody modifications based on significant changes in circumstances and child custody cases between parents who are not married are also common. Whatever kind of child custody case you are facing, having a child custody attorney in Schaumburg on your side is the best course of action. 

Parental Responsibilities

In the State of Illinois, child custody is addressed in terms of both parental responsibilities and parenting time. The primary decisions that parents make regarding their children’s education, religious upbringing, health care, and extracurriculars make up parental responsibilities, and this decision-making authority can be taken on by one parent in the form of sole parental responsibilities, but it can also be addressed in any of the following ways:

  • Both parents can make these big-picture decisions together.
  • Both parents can make these big-picture decisions together but one of them retains the authority to break a tie when it is necessary to do so. 
  • Both parents can divide these big picture decisions between themselves according to the category of decision that needs to be made. 

Parental responsibilities are an important pillar of child custody. 

Parenting Time

Parenting time establishes when children are under the supervision of one parent or the other. If you are able to resolve this issue between yourselves, you’ll have considerable leeway to create whatever kind of schedule works for you, but if you’re unable to do so, the court will address the matter in terms of the children’s best interests. As such, it will take factors like the following into its decision-making process:

  • Each parent’s preference
  • Each child’s preference – if the child is considered mature enough to weigh in reasonably
  • The overall mental and physical health of each parent and each child
  • Each parent’s unique relationship and degree of interaction with each child
  • Each child’s level of adjustment to their current home, school, and community
  • Each parent’s commitment and ability to cooperate with the other parent and support that parent’s ongoing relationship with each child
  • Each parent’s current living situation and its suitability in relation to the children
  • Whether domestic abuse is an issue

Additionally, the court can consider any factors that it deems relevant to the child custody case at hand, and matters that sometimes make the cut include:

  • Each parent’s availability and work schedule
  • A parent’s interference with the other parent’s relationship with the kids
  • A parent’s false allegations against the other
  • A parent’s alcohol or drug abuse
  • A parent’s living situation, including living with a romantic partner

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