Child Custody Modifications Illinois

Child Custody Modifications Illinois

Child Custody Modifications By A Rolling Meadows Family Law Attorney

Life goes on after a divorce. Dramatic changes can occur in children’s needs and the ability of a mother or father to fulfill them. In some cases, concerns about children’s safety and well-being demand that a parent take decisive legal action.

Although Illinois courts’ standards for ordering a custody post-decree modification are rigorous, this may be an attainable goal for you. But first you need an attorney who will listen and who understands all of the legal options available.

A Chicago Custody Lawyer In Rolling Meadows Who Will Stand Up For Your Children And For You

To explain your concerns in detail to an experienced, determined lawyer who understands child custody modifications in Lake County, Illinois, turn to Susan A. Marks of SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC. She will carefully analyze the strength of your case during a free initial consultation and offer dynamic legal representation based on in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and court.

Do You Need A Greater Role With Your Kids In The Chicago Area?

As in any divorce with children, or when custody and parenting time orders are issued in a paternity matter, the focus when seeking a modification to a parenting time arrangement in Chicago must be squarely on the best interests of the child. Mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights are fundamentally equal, but it is critical to present strong evidence that a child custody modification is necessary.

We are equipped to aggressively pursue modifications based on factors such as:

  • Well-founded concerns about abuse in any form, child neglect or criminal activity in a custodial parent’s home
  • The serious impact of a parent’s alcohol or drug use and addiction
  • A custodial mother’s or father’s refusal to allow court-ordered visitation/parenting time — sometimes in a persistent pattern of parental alienation
  • Issues surrounding the custodial parent’s desire to move away with children
  • Emerging medical, developmental or other special needs for children that the custodial parent is unable or unwilling to fulfill

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You can count on caring personal attention, straightforward guidance and devotion to your cause when you contact us for legal help. We have the investigative resources, negotiating skills and trial experience to make a meaningful difference in your case. Reach out to SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, today for a free initial consultation by calling 847-255-9925, contact us toll free at 877-286-8180, or by email.

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