Divorce Lawyer Inverness

Divorce Lawyer Inverness

Divorce Lawyer Inverness

Divorce is a stressful time for you, your spouse, and your children. The Inverness divorce lawyers at SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC provide passionate and aggressive representation during your divorce. We handle matters such as estate division, spousal support, child support, appraisal of marital assets, and more. If you are struggling with your marriage, our Inverness divorce attorneys can help you lay the groundwork for the next chapter of your life and secure your children’s futures as well. The following are some of the services we offer to divorcing couples.

Services Our Inverness Divorce Attorneys Provide

They say marriage is a complicated affair, but divorce is even more so. Why? Check out this list below.

  • Property division – All assets that were acquired or accrued value during your marriage are property of the marital estate. In some cases, only the value that accrued during the marriage is property of the estate, while the asset’s initial value is property of one spouse or the other. The more valuable assets the spouses own, the more complex the proceeding.
  • Alimony – Sometimes, a spouse can protect specific assets from being title-clouded with multiple owners by offering monthly or lump-sum alimony payments. They can be used to purchase the other spouse’s stake in property that you do not want to give up.
  • Custody and parenting arrangements – Most spouses do not live together after their divorce. They separate into two households and share parenting time and responsibilities. Our state considers “legal custody” the right to make decisions regarding the child’s health care, schooling, and other important issues. Custodianship refers to where a child spends most of their physical time. A parent can visit a child without having “legal custody” of the child.
  • Child support – The noncustodial parent is generally required to pay child support to the custodial parent to help support the children. Agreements made at the time of divorce often need to be updated to reflect changing situations. Our lawyers will help you establish child support or modify an existing order when necessary.
  • Establishing paternity – In some cases, a father may want to establish paternity so that he may have parental rights over the child. In other cases, a mother may want to establish paternity so that she can collect child support.
  • Divorce agreement modifications – Once the court has ruled on an order, it is enforceable under the threat of legal recourse. To modify an existing agreement, you must petition the court to change the original agreement. Our lawyers can help with that.
  • Prenuptial agreements – Prenuptial agreements allow spouses to protect their interests in certain ventures in case of death or divorce. 
  • Fathers’ rights – The courts are much more favorable to fathers now than they have been in years past. If you think it is a foregone conclusion that the wife will get the kids, SAM LAW LLC can help.

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If you are considering divorce, it never hurts to discuss your options with an Inverness divorce attorney. Call SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC today to learn more. 

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