Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Divorce is a major life event that everyone hopes to never experience. However, the reality is that many marriages ultimately wind up in divorce. If your marriage has broken down beyond the hope of repair, and you are thinking about filing for divorce, or your ex has served you with divorce papers, it is important to reach out to a divorce attorney near you. An experienced Cook County divorce attorney can explain the process to you, what Illinois laws apply, and what you can expect to happen during the proceedings.

Despite what you see on television or may have heard, retaining a divorce attorney does not automatically result in a long, drawn out, and expensive court battle. What it means is that you are taking your situation seriously and retaining an attorney who is experienced with Illinois law and will ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Your attorney’s job is to help you through the process with the least amount of disruption to your life.

If you are looking for a divorce attorney near Cook County, our skilled team of lawyers at the SAM LAW OFFICE LLC are here to help. We can assist with both uncontested and contested divorces.

What Happens in an Illinois Divorce?

Illinois has joined a number of other states that now allow you to file for a no-fault divorce. This means you are not required to prove that your spouse did something wrong that caused the marriage to break down. A no-fault divorce means you can file based on “irreconcilable differences,” as long as you and your spouse have lived separate and apart for a certain amount of time. In a no-fault divorce that is uncontested, the separation period is at least six months, while it is at least two years for a contested one.

If you choose to file for divorce based on fault, you are not required to follow the separation period requirements. The most common causes in a fault-based divorce include allegations of adultery, extreme cruelty, abandonment, and one spouse being convicted of a felony. Just remember that even in situations where you can prove fault, the court may not necessarily give you a larger percentage when the marital property is distributed.

No matter what type of divorce you pursue, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed before the court will finalize it. Some of these include dividing marital assets, alimony, child support, child custody, and whether there are any pre-nuptial or post-marital agreements that need addressing. These are some of the reasons a divorce can drag on, which is where your divorce lawyer at SAM LAW OFFICE LLC will assist.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer Near You

Retaining a knowledgeable Illinois divorce attorney near you is recommended and can help ensure the divorce proceeds smoothly. Please call the team at SAM LAW FIRM LLC or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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