DuPage County Divorce Lawyer

DuPage County Divorce Lawyer

DuPage County Divorce Lawyer

Deciding to seek a separation or divorce is a major step that will impact all aspects of your life. This is why it is critical to seek legal advice and representation from someone who not only understands divorce law in Illinois, but will act in your best interests. At the SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, our experienced DuPage County divorce attorneys offer thoughtful yet aggressive representation. We will assist you with all aspects of the divorce process from start-to-finish and make every effort to obtain a favorable outcome for both you and your family.

Legal Representation for All DuPage County Divorce Matters

Divorce is not uncommon. Based on data from the Illinois Department of Health, roughly 2,300 DuPage County couples get divorced each year, but not every one of these divorces follows the same pattern. Some divorces are uncontested and can be settled without the need for extensive judicial intervention. Other divorces are more difficult. Whatever your situation, we are ready to help.

Some of the more common divorce-related matters we assist DuPage County clients with include:

Answering Your Questions About Divorce in Illinois

Many people are reluctant to contact a DuPage County divorce lawyer because they are afraid it might escalate an already tense home situation. But talking to an attorney does not mean you are determined to drag your spouse and family into court for a long, drawn-out divorce battle. Rather, speaking with a lawyer is simply the first step in getting some basic answers about how the law might apply to your situation. At SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, our job is not to push you into making a rash decision to get a divorce. Our role is to ensure you are informed of all of your legal options.

Keep in mind, Illinois does not require one spouse to prove “fault” in order to obtain a divorce. Illinois law permits divorce in cases of “irreconcilable differences” where the parties have been living “separate and apart” for at least six months. In many cases, this no-fault option is preferable to trying and prove your spouse did something wrong–as a matter of law, fault is not relevant to decisions regarding property division or spousal support.

That said, even a no-fault divorce can take several months to successfully complete, depending on the nature of your assets, whether you have children and other factors. That is why you should always seek legal advice and representation from a qualified DuPage County divorce attorney as early as possible in the process.

If you need to talk to someone, contact SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, at 847-255-9925 to schedule a free consultation today.

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