Family Law Attorney Hoffman Estates

Family Law Attorney Hoffman Estates

Family Law Attorney Hoffman Estates

If you have a legal concern related to an impending divorce, the specific terms of divorce, a divorce term modification after divorce, child custody arrangements with someone you were never married to, or paternity, it’s a matter for an experienced family law attorney in Hoffman Estates

Your Divorce

Obtaining a divorce comes down to resolving a series of terms that will guide your financial and parental rights moving forward. While your divorce is unique, the basic terms are not, including:

  • The division of your marital property
  • Child support 
  • Child custody arrangements, including both parental responsibilities – or legal custody– and parenting time – or physical custody
  • Alimony

Each of these terms that applies to your divorce will need to be resolved between you, but toward this end, you have options, including:

  • If you and your divorcing spouse’s ability to move negotiations forward have stalled, you can look to your respective family law attorneys to help guide you or to negotiate between themselves on behalf of you and your soon-to-be ex’s best interests.
  • If you still have terms that need to be resolved, there are alternative dispute resolution options, such as mediation, that can help considerably.
  • If you have exhausted each of your options, you’ll need the court to make the remaining determinations for you. 

Each of the terms of divorce – besides the division of property – can also be addressed in terms of post-decree modifications if the circumstances that supported your current terms have changed substantially. Finally, if you have a child with someone and you are not married, the need to address the terms of child custody arrangements and child support can arise.

Your Child’s Paternity

In Illinois, a child who is born to married parents is the legal child of both parents, and paternity – or the matter of the child’s father – is presumed. When the parents aren’t married, however, paternity needs to be established either by filing a document that is signed by both parents with the court or via court-ordered DNA testing. The matter of determining a child’s paternity comes with the following advantages for everyone involved:

  • The father and child have the opportunity to form a lasting relationship and bond.
  • The mother and child both benefit from the influx of financial support.
  • The mother has the opportunity to share parental responsibility.
  • The child can benefit from the legal right to inheritance, from work-related health and life insurance, and from other benefits like veterans and social security benefits – that flow from the father.

An Experienced Family Law Attorney in Hoffman Estates Can Help

The trusted family law attorneys at the SAM LAW OFFICE LLC in Hoffman Estates have the experience, legal insight, and focus on helping you protect your financial and parental rights while skillfully advocating for a favorable case resolution that works for you. Don’t wait to reach out by contacting us for more information about how we can help you today.

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