Inverness Child Custody Lawyer

Inverness Child Custody Lawyer

Inverness Child Custody Lawyer

Most parents can agree that they want what is best for their children, even if they are in the middle of a contentious divorce. The biggest obstacle is usually deciding what the best arrangement is. Most parents want their children to live with them, which is not necessarily what is best for them. If you are unable to reach an agreement with your ex on custody and parenting time, it is best to speak with an Inverness child custody lawyer.

At SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, you can speak with an experienced family law attorney who understands how difficult these disputes are. We also recognize how serious and sensitive the situation is. Lengthy custody battles are no good for anyone, especially your children. This is why we want to help you resolve your custody issues as soon as possible. You deserve to move on with your life, but you also need someone to make sure your rights are protected.

The process must be as least disruptive as possible. And, the best outcome is one that benefits both your child and you.

How do Illinois Courts Decide Child Custody?

As you progress through the divorce process, you will quickly realize that Illinois refers to custody and visitation by other names. Recent changes in state law now refer to child custody as ‘allocation of parental responsibilities,’ while visitation is called ‘parenting time.’ Under the revised system, the courts look at which parent will be responsible for making any critical decisions related to their children. For parenting time, the courts look at how to allocate the amount of time the children spend with each parent. Illinois law favors agreements that include involvement from both parents unless there are safety concerns.

The courts do not necessarily care what your personal preference is. They have one main priority — determining custody based on what is in the best interest of your child or children. That means the judge could draft an agreement that neither you nor your ex like. We recommend letting us help you negotiate a settlement rather than leaving it to the courts to decide.

If the court must decide, judges understand that there is no single scenario that works in every family situation. That is why they rely on many factors when issuing an order. Some of the factors that judges look at include:

  • What is the overall emotional, physical, and mental health of each parent;
  • What types of decisions has each parent made in the past, including refusing to vaccinate or opting to keep children out of school for religious reasons;
  • Is your child already well-adjusted in their current living situation, which includes their relationship with siblings and both parents; and
  • Whether either parent has any criminal history, including checks for domestic abuse and registered sex offenders.

Courts will also ask about each parent’s wishes, but they may or may not be part of the final agreement.

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If you need assistance with an Illinois child custody matter, let our Inverness child custody lawyers help. Contact SAM LAW OFFICE LLC today to schedule an initial consultation.

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