Inverness Complex Property Division Lawyers

Inverness Complex Property Division Lawyers

Inverness Complex Property Division Lawyers

Facing a divorce is often an intimidating experience, permeated with deep feelings of uncertainty. Among the multitude of concerns that surface, the division of property stands as a significant source of anxiety. Understandably, you’ve worked hard for your assets, and the thought of losing what you consider yours can be frustrating. 

SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, is led by esteemed attorneys Susan A. Marks and Brandon M. Djonlich. As your trusted Inverness complex property division lawyers, we bring together unmatched skill and empathy to navigate the intricate puzzle of complex property division. 

Understanding Complex Property Division

In Illinois, the division of marital assets goes beyond a simple 50/50 split. Instead, an equitable distribution approach is adopted, considering factors such as each spouse’s contribution, the duration of the marriage, and future financial circumstances. This can become increasingly complex when dealing with high-value assets, business ownership, and hidden or undervalued assets.

Marital Vs. Non-Marital Property

Identifying which assets qualify as marital property is crucial in any divorce proceeding. Marital property typically includes all assets and debts acquired during the marriage—from real estate and vehicles to retirement accounts and furniture. On the other hand, non-marital property refers to assets and debts acquired before the marriage or through inheritance or gift during the marriage. However, non-marital assets can become commingled with marital assets over time, making them subject to division. With a deep understanding of Illinois law, our team works diligently to sort, categorize, and appraise each asset to safeguard your financial interests. 

Handling Business Ownership

For couples with a shared business, dividing assets can become even more complex. As experienced Inverness complex property division lawyers, we recognize the importance of protecting your business’s viability and future success. Through thorough valuation and careful negotiation, we work towards reaching a fair outcome for both parties that also considers the company’s best interests. 

Why Choose Our Inverness Complex Property Division Lawyers?

Skill with a Personal Touch:

Your journey through the stages of divorce requires a partner who understands both the letter of the law and the emotional intricacies involved. SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC combines astute legal strategies with a compassionate approach, making your path to a new beginning as smooth as possible.

Strategic Negotiation:

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who aim to reach an amicable settlement that benefits you. However, we have a proven track record of successfully litigating complex property division cases in court if litigation becomes necessary.

Services Tailored to Your Needs:

Our comprehensive services span various scenarios related to complex property division:

  • Collaborative Divorce and Mediation: Alternative dispute resolution options encourage a collaborative outcome.
  • High Asset Divorce: Specialized handling of cases involving significant financial wealth.
  • 50+ Divorce: Attentive to the nuances of divorcing later in life.
  • Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements: Clarification and enforcement that protect your assets.
  • Business Owners & Divorce: Balancing business continuity with fair asset distribution. 

Connect with SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC

Take the first step in securing your financial future during this challenging time. Contact SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC today to schedule a consultation and let our team of committed Inverness complex property division lawyers guide you towards a favorable outcome. Trust us to protect your rights and speak up for your best interests as we navigate the complexities of property division with empathy and professionalism. We are here to support you through every step of this process, ensuring your voice is heard and you receive the fair and just settlement you deserve.

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