Palatine Complex Property Division Divorce Lawyer

Palatine Complex Property Division Divorce Lawyer

Palatine Complex Property Division Divorce Lawyer

In dissolving matrimonial bonds in Palatine, a court must not only sever the legal relationship between divorcing spouses but also disentangle the property, assets, and debt that they share in common. This is no small task, and a court that is not careful about this important business can fail to divide the couple’s marital estate in a “fair and equitable” manner as required by statute. The opportunities for the court to commit errors and/or be misled by unscrupulous parties and their legal counsel only increase when there are one or more items of property and/or assets of a unique nature.

SAM LAW OFFICE LLC is your Palatine divorce attorney and is committed to helping you protect your assets and property during divorce proceedings so that you emerge from divorce on as sound of a financial footing as possible. SAM LAW OFFICE LLC can help you even if your and your spouse’s marital estate includes property that is difficult to value or complicated to divide. Call SAM LAW OFFICE LLC for assistance today.

Why Do I Need a Palatine Complex Property Division Attorney?

In a sizeable number of Palatine divorces, the “marital property” of the couple consists of cars, a home, and/or other similar property that is easy to value and can be divided fairly and without much conflict. However, what happens when your “marital property” consists of:

  • Pensions and retirement accounts;
  • Unique or profitable pieces of real estate, including mineral rights;
  • Heirlooms, valuable antiques, or other unique items of personal property;
  • A home or personal business and the future profitability of the business;
  • Intangible property and assets; and
  • Other items of a unique nature.

Part of the challenge in dividing these items of real and/or personal property and assets in a “fair and equitable” manner is properly valuing these items. SAM LAW OFFICE LLC is resourceful and can help ensure that the appropriate professionals are retained so as to properly value your assets. Where items and assets do not meet the statutory definition of “marital property,” count on SAM LAW OFFICE LLC to fight to keep these items and assets out of the division process.

SAM LAW OFFICE LLC can also work to help ensure that assets like your business or one-of-a-kind items of property remain in your control. By ensuring that each party receives a fairly equitable amount of property, SAM LAW OFFICE LLC can keep a court from entering orders requiring valuable assets from being sold outright.

When To Call Your Palatine Complex Property Division Lawyer

When you have decided to file for divorce in Palatine, your first call should be to SAM LAW OFFICE LLC. By retaining our services early in the process, we can help make the property division process as smooth and fair as possible. Even if you retain our services later, though, we may be able to take actions to keep valuable assets from being improperly valued and/or divided. Contact SAM LAW OFFICE LLC today at (847) 255-9925.

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