Palatine Divorce Attorneys

Palatine Divorce Attorneys

Palatine Divorce Attorneys

Getting a divorce involves far more than just making the decision to end your marriage. Like other states, finalizing a divorce in Illinois requires that you complete a number of important steps. These are designed to help you resolve any outstanding issues you still have, which can include everything from child support to property division. The divorce process does not have to be contentious, but it often is. This is why you should work with experienced Palatine divorce attorneys. This can get your divorce progressing at a faster rate and help save you legal fees.

At SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, we routinely work with Palatine area residents who need assistance with their Illinois divorce. Many clients are looking to do a ‘no-fault’ uncontested divorce, where both spouses can reach an agreement on any key outstanding items. In other situations, it will be necessary to have a judge resolve these same issues because the spouses cannot reach an agreement. No matter what your situation is, our professional and compassionate Palatine divorce attorneys are here to help. We will work with you to try and obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Common Issues in Illinois Divorces

When it comes to marital property in a divorce, the court is required to make an “equitable distribution” of marital property if you and your spouse cannot. In cases in which couples have unique or rare assets, a business, stock options, or multiple properties in different states or countries, the property division process can become complex. Spousal support or alimony can also bring its fair share of challenges. Courts have to look at whether an award is justified before deciding on the amount. Not every divorce will include an award for spousal support. Again, these are issues that are unique to every couple.

If you and your spouse have minor children, custody and support are two other issues that can keep many couples from finalizing their divorce quickly. The family law judge will listen to parents’ or children’s wishes, but their ultimate goal is to decide what is best for the child. This may be something other than what the parents wanted. As for child support, there are mandated state guidelines the court has to follow if the parents do not reach an agreement. 

Recent changes in Illinois law means that child custody and visitation go by different names now. Parenting responsibilities involve who has the legal right to make important decisions on behalf of the children. Parenting time involves a parenting plan and is what you think of when it comes to visitation. 

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If a divorce is inevitable, do not attempt to navigate the complicated family law process on your own. Let experienced and professional Palatine divorce attorneys help. Contact SAM LAW OFFICE LLC today to schedule an initial consultation. Let us represent you in your Illinois divorce and work to achieve a favorable outcome for you and your family.  

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