Couple claims medical malpractice in suit

Medical Malpractice
Couple claims medical malpractice in suit

Couple claims medical malpractice in suit

A lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court on May 23 claims that a doctor and nurse failed to provide adequate post-op medical care. The medical malpractice lawsuit is seeking damages of over $50,000. The suit alleges that the defendants failed to promptly diagnose complications after surgery was performed to remove a cyst.

According to the lawsuit, the male plaintiff went to a doctor’s office in May 2013 because he was having difficulty maintaining his balance. The doctor examined the man and concluded that a cyst was the cause of the problem. The doctor performed surgery to remove the cyst on the same day.

The man was subsequently discharged, but he soon started to develop complications. The female plaintiff in the case claims that she made several calls to the doctor’s office regarding her husband’s symptoms, but the doctor and nurse did not respond in a timely manner. The man developed numbness in his lower body and was unable to move his bowels after the surgery. The suit says that he suffered unnecessarily due to the doctor not seeing him promptly when the symptoms became apparent. The issue was ultimately resolved when compressive fluid on the man’s spine was evacuated.

Errors made by medical professionals can lead to a great deal of anxiety, pain and suffering, but pursuing legal remedies can be challenging. Doctors and hospitals have ample resources, and they are often reluctant to admit that they have made a mistake. Defendants in this kind of lawsuit often stand by their actions vigorously, and an attorney with medical malpractice experience may be able to offer a realistic assessment of the merits of a case against a doctor or medical facility.

Source: The Cook County Record, “Med-mal complaint accuses doctor, nurse of failing to diagnose post-surgery issues“, Ben Hart, May 30, 2014





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