Couples in a divorce using internet to address concerns

Couples in a divorce using internet to address concerns

Couples in a divorce using internet to address concerns

Recently, a website dedicated to providing legal information and services, surveyed 900 of its users, along with 400 family law attorneys to find the chief concerns of divorcing couples. The survey also sought to discover how these concerns affect how couples choose an attorney to represent them during a divorce.

Illinois spouses may be interested to learn that the financial aspect of the divorce was a major concern for all parties surveyed, with 58 percent of couples without children reporting the cost of divorce as their most pressing concern. Other worries listed included the division of property and the custody of children. The survey found that many couples relied on friends and family to find an attorney to represent them, but also that more and more were using the Internet in their search for legal representation.

The fact that cost of divorce litigation is the most pressing concern of divorcing couples is likely due to the fact that the process can be very expensive. The average cost of a divorce in the United States has reached $15,000. Depending on how it is approached, divorce can be a financially onerous process for both parties.

Spouses in a divorce situation have some options and don’t have to simply wait for the court to make decisions. Couples can create a settlement agreement amongst themselves and make a plan for the payment of alimony and child support, as well come to an agreement regarding the division of property and other marital assets. While talking to the other spouse may be difficult, creating an arrangement together, especially one that everyone agrees upon, may make the process easier and less emotionally difficult for all involved.

Source: Forbes, “Two Divorce trends identified in the legal marketplace,” Jeff Landers, Sept. 10, 2013.





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