Divorce: Causes, types and planning

Divorce: Causes, types and planning

Divorce: Causes, types and planning

Many people hold that January is the beginning of “Divorce Season.” For couples in Illinois and the rest of the country, the New Year seems to be a popular time to end unhappy marriages and start afresh. Some people may want to divorce because they are not happy with their spouse or because of infidelity.

In some cases, the internet may be one of the drivers to divorce. The internet makes it easy for people to strengthen their worst behaviors. Through the internet, one can become anyone and access any sites and get easy exposure to gambling or pornography. Also, social networking sites make it easy to get connected with exes and rekindle old flames.

Some other factors behind divorce may be drug or alcohol addiction, financial difficulties or psychological reasons. Domestic abuses, lack of intimacy or communication can also be a major reason for divorce.

Whatever the reason, each divorce process actually combines three to four divorces. This means that, first, it is the legal divorce where the court endorses the divorce. Then comes emotional divorce. In emotional divorce, if both partners want the divorce, it can usually be attained easily and without much emotional trauma. In other cases, if a partner does not agree to the divorce, it can cause the proceedings to drag on.

Another divorce is the economic divorce whereby the property division takes place and expenses are calculated. The last divorce is the religious divorce which is essential in certain communities.

Divorce is a traumatic experience. Hence every effort should be made to prevent it. Couples may opt to consult an experienced lawyer before, during and after a divorce to make the process as simple as possible and deal with divorce legal issues. An attorney can help in sorting out important aspects such as finance, taxes and expenses. Budgeting post-divorce is one of the most important aspects that are required to be dealt with in divorce. An attorney can help to plan it properly.

Additionally, child custody, parenting time and other child-related matters can be taken care of with the help of an attorney. Divorce brings difficult issues but proper planning and strategy can make it a lot easier.

Source: Action News wxyz.com, “January has long been a popular month for divorce filings,” Lucy Carmel, Jan. 4, 2013





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