Domestic vs. international adoption, which one is better?

Family Law
Domestic vs. international adoption, which one is better?

Domestic vs. international adoption, which one is better?

Paternity, child custody and support and adoption are common issues experienced following a separation or a divorce. In Cook County, local residents know that family law issues can be complex, which is why it is important for them to tackle the issues very carefully to ensure that the parties involved will benefit from the arrangement.

Adoption is an option for couples who are incapable of conceiving a child of their own. It is also a viable option for families that want to provide a loving home for children whose parents have revoked their parental rights. The two types of adoption are international and domestic.

International adoption, as the term implies, refers to adopting a child from out of the country. Some people choose international adoption over domestic adoption because once they have finished the paperwork, their names will be included on a list that will match their preferences to the child, who will then be brought to the orphanage.

In domestic adoption, the adoptive parents have to be chosen by the birth parents. This allows the birth parents to have enough time to think things over before putting the child up for adoption. Once the child is put up for adoption, the biological parent must surrender his and her parental rights.

According to a study conducted by the Donaldson Adoption Institute, an estimated 35 percent of 1,500 adoptive parents prefer international adoption in order to avoid complications with the adoptee’s family ties. Still, the total number of international adoption is far behind domestic adoptions.

The choice between international and domestic adoption depends on the preferences of the adoptive parents. It is important for people to understand that adopting a child is a legal process. Seeking advice can help guide people who are planning to adopt the child. In the end, it is the child who should benefit most from the adoption process.

Source:, “Most adoptions in U.S. domestic,” Allison Goodrich, Dec. 27, 2013





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