Driver sentenced to 6 years for fatal accident

Driver sentenced to 6 years for fatal accident

Driver sentenced to 6 years for fatal accident

A 24-year-old Illinois man received a six-year prison sentence after he reportedly caused a drunk driving accident in 2012 that left one individual dead. According to the report, the deceased individual, a 21-year-old father, was a passenger in the man’s vehicle when it crashed into a tree in Fox Lake on the morning of Sept. 29, 2012. The passenger was taken to Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, where he later died as a result of his injuries.

The driver who was responsible for causing the accident was charged with aggravated DUI, for which he was sentenced to six years in prison. In addition, he also pleaded guilty on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge after a former girlfriend accused him of assault while he was out on bond for the DUI. He was also sentenced to 364 days in prison for the charge. The man will serve his prison term in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Those who are involved in a car accident caused by another driver may face serious injuries or even death. Family members who lose a loved one due to the poor decisions of another driver may suddenly face economic and emotional distress.

Even if the driver pleads guilty to criminal charges, the surviving family members of a deceased person may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. With this type of lawsuit, the family members may be able to seek compensation for their loss, including unexpected funeral expenses, any medical bills resulting from an attempt to save the deceased person’s life and loss of income. In most cases, this compensation may be awarded from the responsible driver’s insurance company.

Source: Lake County News, “Round Lake man gets 6 years for DUI crash that killed young dad”, Jim Newton, December 06, 2013





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