Engine fires lead to Ford automotive recall

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Engine fires lead to Ford automotive recall

Engine fires lead to Ford automotive recall

Information posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website is alerting consumers, including those in Illinois, of potential defects in certain automobiles manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. In total, the company is recalling three different models, including two Escape models and one Lincoln hybrid. The defects, which involve fluid leakage and transmission issues, could cause engine fires and automobile accidents.

The largest of the three recalls relates to Ford Escape crossover vehicles that use the Ecoboost engine system. Due to a defect in the design or manufacture of the engine cylinder head, the engine can overheat causing cracks. The cracks allow oil to leak, which can cause engine fires. Ford has been notified of 13 engine fires resulting from the defect. The number of vehicles affected by the recall is approximately 140,000. The second Ford Escape recall affects around 9,500 automobiles and involves the repair of a defective fuel line.

Ford is also recalling 7,300 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid automobiles because of a defective transmission. The defect allows the car to be shifted out of park without the safety precaution of pressing on the brake. Accidents may arise if a parked car is accidentally put into drive or reverse.

Products that are defectively designed or manufactured can cause serious injury. The potential for injury is even greater when the defective product is an automobile. In addition to physical and emotional pain caused by automobile accidents, victims can also suffer significant economic damage. Lost wages and medical expenses could derail a family’s financial future. Personal injury attorneys may be able to obtain a financial award or settlement for any physical or economic damage that arises out of a car accident or product defect.

Source: NY Times, “Ford Discloses Two New Recalls for the 2013 Escape“, Christopher Jensen, November 26, 2013





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