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Mandatory Disclosure In A Divorce

Mandatory Disclosure In A Divorce

Everyone who goes through dissolution of marriage has to disclose all assets, income, debts and liabilities.

Disclosure is the first step in asset division. It is also a step toward determining child support in family law cases involving only child-related issues. In property division negotiations, it will be necessary to know the value of different assets to arrive at an equitable property distribution strategy. Through mandatory disclosure, the scene is set for the value of real estate, personal property and financial accounts to be ascertained.

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If you are considering divorce or have been served with divorce papers, you undoubtedly have many questions about how to proceed with these disclosure steps to make sure things are dealt with fairly. At SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, we aim to provide caring, personalized support and encouragement. We can help get your divorce case underway with proper attention to key issues such as mandatory disclosure. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss these technical and important issues.

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To fulfill the mandatory disclosure rule, clients must fill out a specific form provided by the court. It is usually required of both spouses. Despite instructions provided by the court on fulfilling the requirement of mandatory disclosure, many people find the process burdensome and perplexing. An experienced family law attorney can be of great assistance.

Even if you are honest and thorough in your fulfillment of mandatory disclosure requirements, you may be well aware that your spouse could be hiding assets. There are ways to find hidden assets, including examining tax returns and subpoenaing bank account documentation.

Attorney Susan A. Marks has a great deal of experience finding hidden assets and advising clients in other matters pertaining to mandatory disclosure. She knows what to look for and understands that a client’s primary concern is to ensure fairness in asset division and, in some cases, alimony provisions of a divorce.

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If you would like to receive legal care that considers your emotional, financial and personal needs in your divorce case, contact our divorce attorney at SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, by phone at 847-255-9925 or toll-free at 877-286-8180, or by email, for a free initial consultation.


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