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Parent holding child's hand during a child custody case fought with the legal help of an experienced Rolling Meadows child custody attorney

Motion Of Default In A Divorce

Your spouse may not want to cooperate in your divorce and may not even show up for the proceedings. Under these circumstances, divorce lawyer Susan A. Marks can help you prevail in your divorce.

When you file for divorce, your spouse is served with papers, but if he or she does not respond to the divorce papers, file his or her notice of appearance or show up for court, your only option to finish your divorce may be to proceed on a default basis.

Rolling Meadows Divorce Attorney Who Will Clearly Help You Understand And Execute The Right Legal Path For Your Divorce Action

At the SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, our divorce attorney in Rolling Meadows, Susan A. Marks, can help you determine when it is the right solution for your case. She will work with you and move your case forward despite your reticent and noncooperative spouse. A knowledgeable lawyer is a valuable source of information and guidance as you seek a path to ending your marriage. A lawyer who can keep your case moving along despite the odds is priceless.

Family law attorney Susan A. Marks is committed to providing her clients with caring, personalized support and encouragement in any family law case. She understands the importance of preparing paperwork in a timely manner, conducting necessary financial analysis and educating clients on steps to take to protect their interests in divorce. If a motion of default in divorce is needed, she will carefully explain all the steps and help you execute them properly.

Contact Chicago, Illinois, Divorce Attorney Susan A. Marks When Your Spouse Is Not Cooperating

If you would like to receive legal care that considers your emotional, financial and personal needs in your divorce case, contact our attorney at SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, by phone at 847-255-9925 or toll free at 877-286-8180, or by email, for a free initial consultation.