Family Law Stages of Divorce

Family Law
Stages of Divorce

The Stages of Divorce in Illinois

Going through a divorce can easily be one of the most challenging experiences you will have in life. Understanding what is involved in the divorce process helps you get through it with your sanity and dignity intact.

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Getting A Divorce Has Many Steps — We Help And Explain Every Single One

Our compassionate divorce lawyer and staff are here for you throughout the divorce process, from start to finish. We will listen carefully as you explain your unique family circumstances. Then, we will use this information to prepare the proper documents and file for divorce.

After the divorce is filed, we will answer any questions you may have as we wait for your spouse’s response. Once a response is filed, both parties will seek to establish the value of the marital estate and collect any other evidence relevant to the divorce. Once this phase of “discovery” is complete, we will represent you in negotiations with your spouse.

We will also represent you in “status hearings” (monthly updates on the divorce status) before the court throughout the divorce process, as required by Illinois law. In addition, we can respond to motions regarding issues related to your divorce that may be filed by your spouse or file such motions on your behalf.

If a settlement agreement is reached, you will only need to give brief testimony to a judge, who will then make sure your marital agreement is fair and enter a final divorce order. When there is a settlement, the parties make the decisions about their assets and their children instead of the judge.

A Compassionate Divorce Attorney Who Will Fight For You

If a settlement agreement cannot be reached, we will aggressively and compassionately fight to protect your rights at trial. During the trial, you will be questioned by your attorney, your spouse’s attorney and possibly the judge. There may also be testimony from expert witnesses, specialists or finance professionals, if relevant to your case.

If you have children, you will most likely be required to participate in mediation to resolve child custody and support disputes. Sometimes, you may be required to take parenting classes.

At trial, the judge in charge of your case doesn’t necessarily consider how his or her decision will affect your life. If child custody or parenting time is involved, he or she must consider the best interests of the child. At trial, he or she will listen to the evidence and divide the marital estate, and award custody of the children based solely upon the evidence at trial.

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