Family Law Post-Decree Modifications

Family Law
Post-Decree Modifications

Divorce Attorney For Post-Decree Modifications

Family law court orders may be modified under certain circumstances. If you seek to modify a court order or oppose a court-ordered modification, you must retain an experienced family law attorney who can protect your rights.

Need Help Changing A Divorce Decree?

For the sound advice and vigorous representation you require, speak with an experienced divorce attorney from SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC. We offer a free initial consultation so we can learn about your situation, and you can learn about how we may be able to help you.

Attorney Susan A. Marks has represented hundreds of clients in family law matters, including all types of modification proceedings. She is dedicated to providing the quality legal representation and superior client service you deserve.

Child Support Modifications 

Have your financial circumstances changed significantly since your last child support order was entered? Your income or the other parent’s income may have increased or decreased substantially. You may now face some hardship such as an injury or job loss that prevents you from paying child support at the levels mandated in your child support order. Or you may realize that the other parent has gotten a significant promotion or won a lottery.

You may be entitled to a child support modification. If you feel you are paying too much support, or you are entitled to receive more support due to a change of circumstances, contact our law office for a free case evaluation.

Child Custody And Parenting Time Modifications

Certain factors may warrant a modification of an existing parenting time schedule or even a change of custody. Let us review the facts of your case to help you make an informed decision about how to best proceed. We have handled hundreds of family law cases, so we can provide the candid and knowledgeable advice you require. Should we choose to seek a modification on your behalf, we will work diligently to seek the best possible outcome.

Spousal Maintenance Modifications

Rehabilitative spousal maintenance and even permanent spousal maintenance may be modified under certain circumstances. If your maintenance award is reviewable, you will need to file your petition before your current maintenance ends; failure to do so can prevent your maintenance from continuing.

Get Qualified Legal Counsel Regarding How To Modify Court Orders

Ms. Marks will help you calculate your maintenance needs. We can provide the skilled and experienced representation you require if you are seeking to modify an existing spousal maintenance order. We take time to understand our clients’ financial circumstances and make compelling arguments on their behalf for the relief they need. You can rely on us for the personalized representation and strong advocacy you require.

Contact A Post-Decree Modifications Attorney

If you need to speak with a lawyer about a post-decree modification, contact SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, for assistance. To schedule a free consultation with attorney Susan A. Marks, call 847-255-9925 or contact us toll-free at 877-286-8180. You may also contact us by email.


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