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A child support order is never written in stone. Parents’ financial, health and family circumstances often change. When there have been substantial changes, a change in child support is often appropriate.

At SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, we are here to answer questions and offer practical solutions in the areas of child support, child custody and related legal matters during a free initial consultation. We can help clients avoid common pitfalls when petitioning for or blocking a child support modification.

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Circumstances that often require revisiting a child support calculation may include:

  • A child’s needs may have increased because of a health challenge or a newly diagnosed learning disability.
  • One or both parents may have had a substantial increase or decrease in income or financial needs because of job changes, a health crisis or other factors with economic consequences.

A fundamental requirement in a child support modification petition is to document the change of circumstances. Family law and divorce attorney, Susan A. Marks, can guide you confidently through this process. She adeptly represents clients in post-decree modification cases. Ms. Marks has helped hundreds of clients navigate adverse issues and address unique needs and challenges. She can honestly assess a set of facts and determine whether a child support modification will be cost-effective and is likely to be approved by a family law court.

Child support modification petitions often coincide with other child-related issues such as custody modifications, parentage (paternity) issues and contempt issues. Ms. Marks always looks at the whole picture and can help craft a plan that works for you and is in the children’s best interests.

Illinois Child Support Lawyer

In addition to providing caring, personalized support and encouragement, we can help your child support modification petition move quickly and accurately. If you are looking for personalized legal advice regarding a child custody or child support modification, contact a child support lawyer at SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC for a free initial consultation. Call 847-255-9925 or contact us toll-free at 877-286-8180.


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