Five injured on fair amusement ride

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Five injured on fair amusement ride

Five injured on fair amusement ride

Illinois fair-goers may be a bit more careful after learning that five people were injured on a carnival ride called the ‘The Vortex” at the North Carolina State Fair. However, no one seems to know what caused the accident. An investigation is taking place, and the injured victims of the accident were taken to the hospital. Two of them are in critical condition. In a conference, investigators said that the operator who was at the controls was not injured. The attendant was helping people off at the time of the accident.

The owner of the ride said that this incident had never happened before. He assured the public that safety is something they take seriously and that they feel badly for the families impacted by the accident. The injured riders ranged in age from the teens to 39, authorities told a news conference.

The ongoing investigation will look at the mechanical equipment and its operation to try and determine what happened. It was reported that the security department of the fair inspected the rides before the fair opened, and the rides were checked three times daily, with the inspections recorded in a log. Now, authorities are also asking for more clues from individual witnesses to the accident.

When an Illinois resident has experienced a personal injury while visiting a public location, he or she may be facing high medical bills, long-term rehabilitation and lost wages. An attorney may review the facts surrounding the injury and help to determine if someone’s negligence contributed to the accident. An attorney may be able to assist the injured person with seeking compensation from the responsible parties.

Source: New York Daily News, “‘Vortex’ carnival ride injures 5 at North Carolina State Fair“, October 25, 2013





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