Four women killed on their way to work

Wrongful Death
Four women killed on their way to work

Four women killed on their way to work

Four women were killed in an SUV accident while on their way to work on the morning of Sept. 26. According to an Illinois State Policeman, speed and a lack of proper seat belt use may have resulted in the fatalities. When the one-car accident occurred, the driver had been giving seven people a ride to a temporary job assignment. It is not known whether any of the family members of the deceased women plan to file a wrongful death claim.

Around 6:00 a.m., a silver Ford Explorer carrying eight people was traveling along I-290. When the 31-year-old driver lost control, the vehicle rolled several times before landing in a ditch near Addison Road. Three women died after being ejected from the vehicle, and one female passenger died inside of the vehicle. The driver and three male passengers survived the crash. According to police, the driver and front seat passenger were the only people wearing seat belts.

The family members of the deceased women in this case may wish to file a wrongful death claim. If they do, a lawyer may be able to help them build a case against the driver at fault. By gathering police testimony and court documents, a lawyer may help to prove that reckless driving resulted in the accident. The family members may claim damages for pain and suffering, funeral expenses and loss of income.

Source: WLS-TV, “4 dead in I-290 crash near Route 83 in Addison; Margot Santillan, 31, charged with multiple counts“, Leah Hope, September 27, 2013





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