Illinois accident kills 2 women, driver charged with DUI

Wrongful Death
Illinois accident kills 2 women, driver charged with DUI

Illinois accident kills 2 women, driver charged with DUI

The male driver who rear-ended a stalled van on the Eisenhower Expressway has been charged with multiple counts of DUI of drugs and alcohol after two women died in the accident. The crash happened on Jan. 12 at about 3:45 a.m. in Forest Park. According to Illinois State Police, two women were in a stalled 1998 Ford Windstar in the center lane of Interstate 290 East near the exit for First Avenue when the 26-year-old driver of a 2012 Dodge Durango rear-ended the van.

The van was occupied by a 30-year-old female driver and a 29-year-old female passenger in the back seat. The medical examiner’s office says that both of the women died on impact and were declared deceased at 3:55 a.m. The driver of the SUV and his 25-year-old female passenger suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to a hospital in the area.

Police have charged the 26-year-old driver with two counts of aggravated DUI of drugs resulting in death and two counts of aggravated DUI of alcohol resulting in death. He was also charged with leaving a deadly crash. The man is expected to appear in a bond court on Jan. 14 in Maywood.

The relatives of the women who were killed in this accident may be entitled to damages through a wrongful death claim if they prove that the driver of the SUV acted negligently. The damages could cover the funerals for the two women and the wages that their families expected to receive from them had they not died. To receive damages for expected income, the relatives have to show that they are suffering financially due to the women’s deaths.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Man Charged In Eisenhower Crash That Killed Two Women“, January 13, 2014





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