Illinois garbage truck accident kills 3

Wrongful Death
Illinois garbage truck accident kills 3

Illinois garbage truck accident kills 3

An accident that occurred when a garbage truck collided with a vehicle resulted in three fatalities. The accident, which took place in Glenview, caused both vehicles to burst into flames. According to media reports, the fire consumed the passenger vehicle and killed all three people inside.

The garbage truck was headed north on Harlem when the other vehicle pulled into the path of truck, which caused the collision at Harlem’s intersection with Harrison. A witness living nearby tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher after the accident occurred. However, she was overcome by the fire and taken to the hospital. Her husband stated that she had returned home but remained shaken by the incident.

Other residents in the area say they aren’t surprised by the accident. One woman, who says she’s been living in the neighborhood for ten years, stated that she’s seen dozens of accidents close by. Officials said that the truck driver was not at fault in the accident and that he is a veteran employee who has an excellent record. The truck driver was unhurt in the accident.

If the driver of the car is found to be responsible for the accident, the families of the passengers may be able to pursue a wrongful death case against the individual. An attorney may be able to help these families review the evidence of the case and determine if another party’s negligence may be to blame for the incident and might be able to help them obtain monetary compensation for their losses.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Three Killed In Glenview Garbage Truck Crash“, October 15, 2013





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