Illinois man killed in 3-vehicle accident

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Illinois man killed in 3-vehicle accident

Illinois man killed in 3-vehicle accident

On Nov. 7 at about 11:30 a.m., a 44-year-old Coal Valley man died at the scene in a three-car accident that happened on 78th Avenue in Milan, Illinois. The man who died was driving a pickup truck; according to reports, he had stopped in order to make a left turn when an approaching car rear-ended him.

The car pushed the pickup truck into the oncoming lane. A tractor-trailer subsequently hit the pickup truck, sending both vehicles off of the road and into a nearby utility pole. The pickup truck caught fire, and passing motorists and local business people pulled the man from the wreckage.

The Rock Island County Coroner’s Office declared him dead at the scene. The two other drivers were treated for minor injuries at the site and then released. The crash is still under investigation and charges are pending in the fatal incident.

In a car accident where a fatality occurs, if another driver is believed to be negligent, the family members of the decedent may want to consider filing a wrongful death claim in civil court. A wrongful death suit is purposed to compensate the family of the victim for emotional and financial losses. This type of action can be filed independent of any criminal charges. The judge may consider the person’s financial and emotional support of the family, the number of dependents that they were supporting, the amount of future earnings lost, the family’s pain and suffering and any other factors deemed relevant to the specific set of circumstances. Consulting with an attorney familiar with wrongful death may be a good source of guidance and support in a difficult and trying time.

Source: KWQC, “Victim ID’d After Fatal Milan Crash“, Jeff Whitten, November 14, 2014





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