Illinois Man Sues in Wrongful Death of Father

Wrongful Death
Illinois Man Sues in Wrongful Death of Father

Illinois Man Sues in Wrongful Death of Father

The son of a construction worker has filed suit against Power Construction Company of Schaumburg. Wrongful death is the basis for the case as the son claims that the company did not do enough to protect his father prior to the accident that took his life. An Illinois court could rule in favor of the young man if his attorney is able to prove that the construction company did not take all the necessary precautions to keep the area safe.

The 57-year-old father was killed when a crane accidentally hit a beam, causing it to fall from the sixth floor of the building that was under construction. The beam subsequently hit the man in the head and chest. The beam was 16 feet long and weighed upwards of 70 pounds. The man was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead from his injuries.

The attorney handling the wrongful death suit says that his client is very distraught over the death of his father. He described the relationship between the son and father as a very close one. The pair had breakfast that morning, and by that afternoon, the son was called in to identify the body of his father. The trauma that the young man likely felt may add to any final settlement amount the family might receive if the courts rule in his favor.

The young man is asking the minimum of $50,000 for each one of the counts. While that may not be the exact amount that will be revealed as the case moves forward, the loss of a loved one is never easy to deal with. When a death was preventable, the law may provide an avenue for compensation to family members of the victim. A personal injury attorney may be able to help family members gain some closure by acting on their behalf to bring the responsible parties to justice.

Source: Daily Northwestern, “Son of construction worker killed on campus sues general contractor for Northwestern building“, Patrick Svitek, May 22, 2013





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