Illinois woman charged in string of hit-and-run accidents

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Illinois woman charged in string of hit-and-run accidents

Illinois woman charged in string of hit-and-run accidents

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office said on April 10 that a 63-year-old woman will be held responsible for a string of hit-and-run accidents in Evanston four days earlier. The woman faces several misdemeanor and felony charges in connection with the accidents and remains in custody.

The string of car accidents happened on April 6, starting near the intersection of Ridge Avenue and Church Street. Police said that the 63-year-old woman was driving a 2007 Toyota when she hit a car and left the scene. As she continued driving, she allegedly hit another car, a woman riding a motorized scooter and a male bicyclist. The female scooter rider suffered minor injuries and received treatment, while the male cyclist suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized at St. Francis Hospital, according to authorities. Police did not say whether any occupants in the two vehicles that the woman hit were injured.

The results of preliminary alcohol and illegal substance tests administered to the 63-year-old woman were reportedly negative. Police said they sent blood samples from the woman to the Illinois State Police Crime Lab to get more detailed results. So far, the woman faces charges of leaving an accident causing injury, criminal damage to property, aggravated running from and evading police and reckless driving. Police also issued her 13 traffic citations.

The people who were injured in this string of hit-and-run accidents may potentially seek compensation for their damages. By filing a personal injury claim against the woman, the resulting compensation might pay for the medical aid that the victims received. The victims may also receive payments for any income that they lost while they were unable to work. For this to happen, the victims would need to prove in civil court the woman’s liability in the accident and demonstrate their own financial damages resulting directly from it.

Source: The Daily Northwestern, “Bail set at $210K for Wilmette woman accused of Evanston crashes“, Patrick Svitek, April 10, 2014





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