Illinois woman charged with DUI after accident injures 4

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Illinois woman charged with DUI after accident injures 4

Illinois woman charged with DUI after accident injures 4

A 37-year-old Illinois woman has been charged with aggravated DUI after her vehicle struck another car and injured four of its occupants on March 29. The car accident took place at about 2 a.m. in Bloomington. A hearing on March 31 set bail for the woman at $500,000. She has also been cited for two traffic violations.

According to a report from the Bloomington Police Department, the woman was traveling at a high rate of speed and failed to obey a red traffic light before her vehicle struck a car at the intersection of Empire Street and Main Street. Prosecutors estimate that the woman’s vehicle was traveling between 45 mph and 60 mph at the time of the impact.

One of the car’s occupants suffered severe head injuries in the accident, and he remained in critical condition after emergency surgery was performed at a local hospital. Three female passengers in the vehicle were also injured. One of the women was treated and released, and another remained in the hospital overnight. The condition of the third woman was not immediately disclosed. Three of the accident victims were students at Illinois State University.

A driver’s duty is to operate their vehicle in a safe manner while obeying all traffic laws. If these standards are not met, the resulting accidents may cause catastrophic injuries. Those who suffer injuries due to the negligent actions of other drivers may have legal remedies available to them, and a personal injury attorney could bring a lawsuit on their behalf. This kind of legal action may compensate victims for their ongoing medical treatment as well as income lost while they recover from their injuries.

Source: Central Illinois Proud , “Aggravated DUI Leaves ISU Students Injured“, March 31, 2014





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