Important Questions to Ask an Illinois Divorce Attorney

Important Questions to Ask an Illinois Divorce Attorney

Important Questions to Ask an Illinois Divorce Attorney

If you have decided that your marriage is over and you are considering filing for divorce in Illinois, you might be researching divorce attorneys. To make the most out of your initial meeting, it is imperative that you come prepared. This includes bringing any relevant documents, if possible, and to have a list of essential questions you may have. It is not uncommon to meet with a few attorneys before finding the right one for you. By asking pertinent questions, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect Illinois divorce attorney.

At SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, we have handled countless divorce and family law matters for clients all over the state. Here are some of the more common questions potential clients ask us to help get you prepared for your consultation.

Do you specialize in family law?

Family law is a pretty expansive area of the law. You want to know whether the attorney you are meeting with is dedicated to only family law. Is it just a small part of their overall practice? Looking for an attorney who specializes in family law and divorce is highly recommended. It does not necessarily mean that someone who does not specialize in divorce will do a lousy job; it is just better to choose someone who specializes in it when possible.

How long have you been practicing family law?

Even an attorney who specializes in family law might not have years of experience. A newer attorney might be just fine in simple divorce matters or where it is only necessary to enforce a judgment order. However, if you have a high-asset divorce or complicated issues to resolve, you want to look for someone who has the necessary experience and skills to handle your divorce.

What do you charge for a case like mine?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not to ask about the cost. Some attorneys work on a flat fee scale for simple matters, while others charge an hourly rate. You need to find out if they bill by the hour, are you charged for correspondence, making calls, etc. Will there be a paralegal who bills at a lower rate doing some of the work? Do their fees vary if the work is in or out of the courtroom? Is there a retainer you need to pay upon hiring the attorney?

What should I expect during the divorce process?

Every case is different, and there is no way to predict every detail that will arise, but an attorney can give you a general overview of what the process entails. When you have children or want spousal support, the divorce process will be different than for someone who has only been married a short time with very few assets.

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If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Illinois, contact SAM LAW OFFICE LLC today to schedule an initial consultation. Let us show you how we can help you with all your Illinois family law needs.





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