Legislation approved to allow same-sex marriages in Illinois

Same-Sex Partners
Legislation approved to allow same-sex marriages in Illinois

Legislation approved to allow same-sex marriages in Illinois

The Illinois State Senate recently approved legislation allowing same-sex marriages in the state. The matter has now been passed to the Illinois House of Representatives for consideration. The state of Illinois legalized same-sex civil unions two years, but the civil union law fell short in terms of granting full equality to same-sex partners. The current legislation, if approved by the House, will provide same-sex couples rights of a married couple under state law with respect to legal issues such as property division and the custody of children during a separation or a divorce. The legislation was the Senate’s Valentine’s Day gift to same-sex couples residing in Illinois.

Marriage is a bond of love, commitment and shared responsibility. Same-sex couples feel the need to marry so as to share love, commitment and responsibility with the person whom they love. The new legislation provides same-sex couples with the opportunity to enjoy the same emotional, economic and social benefits of marriage that heterosexual couples enjoy. The bill does not require a religious leader for performing the same-sex marriage, nor does it require a religious place or surrounding for hosting of such ceremonies.

Although the legislation faces moral objections from its opponents, the Governor of Illinois and the President have urged the state lawmakers to approve the legislation. If legislators approve the bill, Illinois will be the tenth state across the nation to allow same-sex marriage.

A marriage provides social stability for couples. With same-sex marriages being legalized in the state of Illinois, same-sex couples will also be entitled to enjoy the benefits that the marriage offers. A same-sex marriage attorney can assist couples in addressing all of these issues.

Source:, “Illinois senate OKs same-sex marriage proposal,” Feb. 14, 2013





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