Liability Issues for Car Accidents in Construction Zones

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Liability Issues for Car Accidents in Construction Zones

Liability Issues for Car Accidents in Construction Zones

Chicagoans look forward to the spring thaw, but the end of winter means a major challenge to drivers: Construction season. Each year, there are dozens of miles of roadway in the city that receive some work. Many more stretches of streets in the suburbs will undergo an overhaul as well. There are many reasons that car accidents are more frequent in construction zones, and these cases are more complicated because negligence may be attributed to more parties than just the other drivers. If you were injured in a work zone auto crash, talk to an attorney about your legal options.

Construction Zone Crash Factors

Motorist negligence is often to blame for auto accidents, but the activities of construction contractors and crews add to the risk. Work zone incidents may be the result of:

  • Failure to mark off a safe, wide lane for motorists navigating through the area;
  • Insufficient signage at checkpoints well in advance of the zone, which would allow drivers to prepare for issues;
  • Confusing signs that lead motorists to make risky traffic maneuvers;
  • Failure to allow alternate routes for drivers that might choose to avoid the area;
  • Not allowing for proper transition zones that give motorists safe ingress and egress;
  • The presence of dangerous equipment obstructing traffic;
  • Pavement drop-off and uneven surfaces; and,
  • Many other causes.

Liability in Work Zone Car Accidents

If you are hurt in a crash due to another driver’s conduct, you must prove that his or her negligence led to your injuries. The duty of care applies to motorists under any types of conditions, including work zone hazards. You can recover compensation for the injuries you suffer, including medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering

There is a duty of care that applies to the contractors overseeing a construction project as well. When the failure to comply is due to one or more of the construction factors mentioned above, there may be other liability questions, such as:

  • Who were the general contractors and subcontractors managing the project?
  • Did the parties responsible for overseeing the construction project exercise reasonable care in doing so?
  • Was the construction project funded with tax dollars or otherwise a public matter?
  • How did the construction zone conditions factor into your injuries?

Also, you should keep in mind that contractors working on public or private construction projects are required to carry insurance coverage. The policies are intended to pay compensation to anyone who is injured due to hazardous conditions, including motorists involved in accidents. Just as you would pursue a negligent driver’s insurer to recover compensation for your losses, you would file a claim with the contractor’s insurance provider.

An Experienced Attorney Can Help with Complicated Liability Issues

Construction zone car accidents are not the only personal injury cases that present complex legal issues regarding liability. Any motor vehicle collision includes challenges that you may not know how to address if you do not have a legal background. If you would like to hear more about your options after being injured in a crash, please contact SAM LAW OFFICE LLC in Schaumburg. We can set up a free case assessment to review your situation.





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