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As individuals who must rely upon medical experts to keep us healthy, prevent disease and resolve our medical problems through medication or surgery, we often place doctors and other medical practitioners on a high pedestal. Most of the time, our faith is well-placed. Still, in situations where errors and omissions in procedures occur and injury or even death results, proper compensation for medical malpractice must be made.

Medical malpractice attorney Susan A. Marks of SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC relies upon a strong background working in the medical industry to be an effective force in our clients’ medical malpractice cases. Contact our medical negligence attorneys today to find out how we can help you in a free initial consultation.

Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies while in the care of a medical facility and trusted physician or surgeon, and you suspect the death was the result of medical negligence, a surgical error or a failure to follow correct procedure, it can be challenging to know what course of action to take to ensure that such devastating events do not affect others in the future. Attorney Susan A. Marks’ experience working with medical professionals as an administrator has given her insight into wrongful death cases, knowing how to spot negligence or mistakes quickly and build a strong case.

Failure to Diagnose

Are you now suffering from a serious illness due to the lack of attention, care or proper diagnosis of emergency room personnel? Were you sent home early from the emergency room or hospital, only to have your illness or injury come back twofold? Living with the regret that a current medical condition, such as colon cancer or breast cancer, might have been caught in time if not for the negligence of a medical professional can be discouraging, significantly impacting your quality of life. Our firm takes on failure to diagnose cases head-on, aggressively pursuing compensation for our clients.

Surgical Errors

Any botched surgery can lead to serious medical complications such as infection, scarring and death, not to mention the emotional consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder, unfulfilled expectations, guilt and resentment. Our medical malpractice attorneys apply compassion and a desire for justice to obtain the highest compensation for our clients’ pain and suffering.

Medical Negligence and Errors Attorneys

For more information on the personal injury services we provide, contact us at SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, today. To allow us the best opportunity to review the likelihood of success of your malpractice case, we must be able to review your relevant medical records at your free initial consultation.


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